Maintaining your Profile

Gone will be the days of entering your basic information for every registration and sign up process for kendo related events. After creating and account the first thing you should do is update your profile. There are (as of this writing) 4 areas of your profile. The first, "My Info" is the area where you can see your basic information. Some of what the AUSKF had in the old system has been imported to this new one. Other pieces of your information you'll need to provide.

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Your profile can be navigated to from the link in the upper right.

Profile Navigation

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The first page you will land on is the My Info page. Underneath that link in the nav are links to navigate to screens displaying information about your membership history, promotion history (testing and ranks), and order history where you can see what you have puchased through this app. Those purchases could include membership registration for your regional federation and AUSKF. They could also include taikia, shinsa, and seminar costs. Those features are yet to be developed.

Promotions and Mejos

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In the "Promotions" section of your profile you will see a list of promotions and a little detail about each. For each promotion, you can upload an image of your menjo. This will be helpful when signing up for your next test.

Add a Promotion

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If a promotion is not in our system for whatever reason (there may have been an issue importing it from the old system) you can upload one via the link at the bottom of the screen. This promotion will be marked as unverified until an admin can verifiy it.