Maintaining your Profile

The first thing you should do after creating an account is update your profile. Click the edit button in the "Profile" section to make your changes and then click "Save" The dojo field is auto complete. If it doesn't display your dojo as you type then contact your dojo leader or federation president.

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Your profile can be navigated to from the link in the upper right in the drop down under your username.

Promotions and Mejos

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In the "Promotions" section of your profile you will see a list of promotions and a little detail about each. For each promotion, you can upload an image of your menjo. This will be helpful when signing up for your next test.

Add a Promotion

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If a promotion is not in our system for whatever reason (there may have been an issue importing it from the old system) you can upload one via the link at the bottom of the screen. This promotion will be marked as unverified until an admin can verifiy it.