Registering an AUSKF Membership
There are several options available for use in logging in to the AUSKF membership site.

Available to all

There are several ways to create and maintain a membership with the AUSKF through this website. We give detailed instructions on each below. One option is to create an account with this website and associate your existing membership with through the tools we provide here. This has the advantage that all of your information is stored and managed by the AUSKF.

Another popular option is to use an external identity provider such as Facebook© or Google+© to manage your identity and link that information to your AUSKF membership. Many people prefer this option as it minimizes the extra passwords one has to memorize.

Either option is perfectly valid and we are continually trying to improve the process and increase the number of external providers that we support.

Step One

login dropdown menu

First click on the menu link on the right hand side of the home page in the drop down under your username. Or, for your conviencence, click here to open the register page in a new window. From this menu you can either login, if you have already registered, or register for a new account. If you are already logged in you'll see a greeting rather than login.

On the register new account page you will find two main options as shown below. Please note if you are an existing member, meaning you have previously or currently have an account, you will need your AUSKF id to complete the registration process.

existing members

By selecting the New Member link you will be prompted for your information and a new account will be created for you. You will need a valid email address so we can verify your identity and provide you with a new AUSKF Id.

A third option is available for both existing and new members. You may select one of the currently support providers shown below as your authentication and authorization authority.

facebook google+ github reddit