Meet the developers
This site was created and developed by Steve Hoff and Travis Stronach, both of the Minnehaha kendo dojo

Steve Hoff Steve Hoff is a senior developer that has worked in the .Net and web development industry since the late 90's. He is currently working as a web developer writing software and websites used by the state of Minnesota Education departments. His primary focus is creating integration systems for parents and students to streamline the process of paying for school lunches, activities and community education billing systems.

When he's not slinging code he can be found in his local Lifetime© gym, the Minnehaha Kendo Dojo swinging a shinai, or enjoying time with his wife and three children.

Travis Stronach Travis was introduced to kendo at the University of Wisconson - Madison in the fall of 2001 where he took the 2 credit course taught by Kiyota Sensei. After a few years spent in Florida practicing with the fine folks in Tallahassee, he moved to Minnepolis in 2013 and has been with Minnehaha Kendo Dojo ever since. Travis passed his godan exam in 2014. Travis is not used to writing in the third person.

After graduating in 2004 with a B.S. in Computer Science, Travis has tried to pass himself off as a .NET developer at various companaies from a small IT shop working on behalf of local businesses, to a health insurance company, a community college, and now for various companies in the Minneapolis area as a consultant. He hates Oracle and loves complex sql queries because they make him feel smart. Travis will buy you dinner if you find his Easter Egg in this there an Easter Egg in this site?